3 is the magic number


‘3 is the magic number’ is a continuation of the Rietveld Football Club placed in the context of the Kolenkitbuurt in Amsterdam. The football teams created a collective identity without losing the identity of its players.

For this project, Waèl appropriated Asger Jorn’s three-sided football, in which there are three teams and three goals in a hexagonal field. This dynamic game of ‘trialectics’ transcends the binary opposition scheme of black/white, me/you. Rather, it is about collaboration.

Created for the 'Onzijn' Exhibition curated by Jurgen Bey at WOW amsterdam.

Collaboration: Tariq Heijboer, Lieselot Versteeg, Thom van Hoek, Joaquin Crestinu, Anton Karlsson
Documentation: Julia Sokolnicka