Installation view Rietveld Academie 2015

Installation view
Embodied Data Bodies


How does living tissue in different forms and sizes behave in the mold in which it is located? In Embodied Data Bodies, the shrunken grid of a modernist building (the studio building of the Rietveld Art Academy by Benthem and Crouwel) functions as a mold to grow cartilage originating from a goat.

The 3D Printed reconstruction of a piece of goat cartilage found in the grid provides a possible answer to the question raised above. The cartilage was enlarged 1800 times to fit inside the grid of the building that functioned as its scaffold.

Collaboration: VUMC: Ernst Jan Bos, Jan Wolff, Ivar Kommers, Nikolai Kuzmin, Friso Heres Diddens, fabrication: Joris van Tubbergen
Materials and technique: 2.85mm MagicFilTM Thermo PLA, FDM printing